We must be blessed

We must be blessed. It would be easy to make a reference to receiving the new pope’s benediction, but it simply looks like certain things are meant to be. Ever since we decided to pack up and leave, we’ve had luck on our side.

We found our new boat in a matter of days. We received an offer to purchase Olive from the very first visitors we had; in the middle of January. And now, we’re happy to report that we have an accepted offer on the house! There are, of course, a few conditions to be fulfilled, but all in all, it’s looking very promising and the couple is charming and seems to genuinely love the house and the village. We were hoping for exactly that type of buyers and we know they will be great neighbors to our already great neighbors. They will also be taking some furniture and appliances off our hands, which, coupled with what we’ve already sold on Kijiji and Ebay, means that there will be even less to put in storage.

The first snow geese reminded us that spring is just around the corner last weekend and we’re now a week away from being officially free to follow them next fall when they fly south. Life is good!

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