Introducing WaterMusic V

It’s been over a week now, but we’re happy to report that WaterMusic V will officially be part of the family comes April.  We’re looking forward to spending some time down in Annapolis preparing her for the trip north and are expecting to have her on Lake Champlain the last week of May or first week of June. Sailing the New York Harbour on a new boat will be nerve wrecking, but there is a first time to everything!

I was told I felt short in introducing the new boat, so allow me to share her resume with you. WaterMusic V was built in South Carolina at the Bénéteau factory in April 2004. She was commissioned in Toronto where she spent the first three years of her career sailing Lake Ontario. Her owners then took her on a long trip south where she ended up spending the following five years. She sailed the Caribbean’s a few months out of each year and enjoyed a dry berth for the remainder of it. As you can tell, she knows her way around much more than we do!

It’s easy to tell that she was well loved and cared for by her original owners and it’s obvious that nothing was too good for her. Her equipment list is breathtaking and we will make sure to continue improving it as we go forward. Michel is already planning a self-steering Hydrovane installation and we’re looking at a few other upgrades. We will soon place a detailed equipment list on the blog.

I’ve been asked about renaming her. I suppose that after renaming Olive, it would be normal to do the same for the new boat. We must admit, we weren’t too sure about her name at first. It’s a bit long on the VHF and slightly complicated outside of Canada or the US.  But, while we haven’t had the opportunity to talk to her previous owner to find out where the name came from, we suspect it has something to do with Handel’s 1717 composition for King George I of England (see it on Wikipedia). As it was first performed on the Thames River in London, we now feel that the name is very appropriate; some of our plans for her do include spending time in London! But there is a long way to go before that; lets concentrate on bringing her home safe for the summer.

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