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Stockholm winter cruise

Stockholm 59.33242°N, 18.07707°E - I purchased the plane tickets in a hurry, those WOW air sales are very short lived, and didn’t realize that in March attractions in Stockholm are still under the winter schedule or are simply closed for the season. It was a real disappointment when we realized we wouldn’t be able to explore all those islands we were hoping to see.

We, in Montreal, were stuck under half a meter of snow but Sweden was already showing off green grass, flowering daffodils and blooming hyacinths. How could it possibly be winter? It seemed odd, but somehow cars were still driving around with studded winter tires. There would be no boat tours of the archipelago for us!

However, we were not going to let something as mundane as a bit of winter get in the way of spending time on the water so… we found a winter cruise!

That’s how we ended up boarding a small vessel with an upper deck lined with park chairs and reindeer hides. Boy was I excited to get going comfortably seated on…

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