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Vergennes Falls and Otter Creek

Otter Creek Basin, Vergennes Municipal Dock
44.1673°N 073.2540°W

We had been thinking about visiting Vergennes for a while, it is after all the oldest city in Vermont with a reputation for hospitality towards cruisers. However, almost everyone has a story or two about going up the creek and encountering either rocks, submerged ruins or logs. We had therefore been postponing the trip upriver. That was until yesterday morning when we decided over breakfast: "Why not?" and off we went. 
It is a 7 miles trip up Otter Creek, originally named by the French in the 17th century la Rivière aux loutres. There are no more of those furry creatures to be seen, but we came across quite a bit of wildlife: countless ospreys, turtles, grey herons, eastern kingbirds, swallows, multiple other birds that we're still trying to identify and even... a northern water snake. Need I say, I was extremely happy to  be ON the boat and not swimming about.
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